PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for long-range combat

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for long-range combat.With its high-quality content, PUBG Mobile has become a fantastic source of fun. The game includes visuals of HD quality and vivid dynamics like arms, cars and bright attractions inspired by reality.

The title offers its players a thorough, action-packed experience, mostly in long-range engagements. Gunfights can played by players in any range of game according to their placements. The best three weapons for long-term fighting in PUBG Mobile discussed in this article.

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 weapons for long-range combat:

1) AWM:

Image via PUBG Mobile

This sniper bolt AWM is the finest long term weapon in PUBG Mobile. The AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum). The gun restricted to airdrop and uses.300Magnum. Only 20 shots received by a player with one airdrop. It is also the only weapon that can penetrate a new level 3 helmet.

The weapon has 120 hitpoints on average. A compensator, enlarged quickdraw magazine and a chicken pad recommended additions for AWM. AWM gives a huge edge for fighting in a range of 250m or greater.

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2) M24:

Image via PUBG Mobile

A bolt action sniper rifle, M24, is also the second weapons on the list. The gun has a good spawning rate over all maps and is available exclusively through Airdrop. It utilises 7.62mm munitions and has 72 hitpoints on average.

A compensator, an extended QuickDraw magazine and cheekpad for further stability are the suggested accessories for M24. The munitions capacity of the magazine is increased from 5 to 7 rounds each round with the assistance of an extended fast drag magazine.

3) Mini-14

Image via Pinterest

Mini-14 is one of the most often utilised DMRs in the game. It is suited for single taps in large ranges like 150m and above on hostile players. The weapons are appropriate for players that have just begun to play the game because of their smaller retreat.

The weapon has been replaces by the QBU on all classical maps, with the exception of Sanhok. The result is an average 46 hitpoints per hit. The appropriate attachments are as follows for Mini-14:

  • Muzzle: Suppressor( provides stealth)
  • Magazine: Extended Quickdraw(extra ammunition)

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