Resistance 4 Was Allegedly Scrapped Because of The Last of Us 2

Resistance 4 Was Allegedly Scrapped Because of The Last of Us 2.In the face of speculations that Insomniac might prepare a reinvigoration in a series, Sony has in the past rejected a 4 pitch of resistance.

The 3rd entry in the series of first-person shooters from Insomniac Games was released over ten times ago, and although some gamers may have forgotten, others still want to follow on with the narrative of aliens attacking the Earth. And even Insomniac Games seemed to have planned to keep the franchise running at some point.

A fewmonths after the release in 2011 of Resistance 3, CEO Ted Price has revealed “no concrete intentions” for Insomniac Games to work on new series projects. Whereby the third game did not break any sales record it sold quite well and garnered primary good reviews. The reasons for this choice were not totally evident.

In the end it looks like the company shifted course on this choice, and Insomniac targeted Sony’s Resistance 4. During an episode from the Sacred Symbols PlayStation, game creator Colin Moriarty mentioned that Insomniac buddies provided this funny piece. Observing that too many post apocalyptic games have already been developed, Sony seemed to have rejected the request to produce a fourth game in the resistance series.

At the time, four additional post-apocalyptic game were also being developed on the PS3, including Killzone Shadow Fall, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and The Last of Us. In particular, Sony believed that the Resistance 4 principle sounded too much like that in The Last of us in Naughty Dog and he wanted the two titles not to compete or cause gamer fatigue. “Resistance was shut down at this time,” according to Moriarty.

Resistance was shut down at this time

Although some fans might hear this disillusioningly, the announcement does not mean that Resistance is eternally rested. The Last of Us 2 has now received an incredibly great welcome, and interest is increasing only with the last step of production of The Guerilla Games’ Forbidden West Horizon. The desire of Gamers for post-apocalyptic settings did not decrease and the potential of Resistance 4 might now or in the future be more attractive for Sony.

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Resistance 4 Was Allegedly Scrapped Because of The Last of Us 2

The first one is about the lifeblood of human beings and animals in a hostile mutation. The second one is about alternate history during an extraneous Earth invasion. At first sight, The last one of us and the Resistance games could look extremely different. But aliens expand their armies in Resistance by infecting people with a virus that accelerates development and produces a number of mutations. And while in Britain, Resistance 2 and 3, similar to The Last of Us, were placed in a post-apocalyptic US.

PS3 is available for the resistance series.

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