Top 3 Best Skill Combinations For Free Fire D-Bee Character

Top 3 Best Skill Combinations For Free Fire D-Bee Character.His personality is extrovert and he loves to meet new people. He feels that creativity is the meaning of life, and this is why he is a maker. D-Bee is the fourth musician to be joined in the game, too, in dance and music.

The ability of D-Bee is a passive that boosts the speed and accuracy of your mobility if you shoot your weapon. At maximum speed, the precision of movement rises by 15 percent by 35 percent. This is just a small percentage of his Advance Server version’s original value.

Top 3 Best Skill Combinations For Free Fire D-Bee Character

You must always fire your gun to keep the bonus. That is why Spammy SMGs like as the UMP, LMGs such as the M60, and even shotguns such as the MAG-7 are preferable to utilise in combination with this talent. The advantage works when you squat – but the 15 percent speed of movement in this posture is insignificant.

Skill combinations for D-Bee

Since firing is efficient in close proximity, the vast majority of the combo of D-Bee is for quarterly fighting.

D-Bee + Jai + Shirou + Alok

It is a rush/melee combo featuring a close quarter duel amongst players. The abilities of D-Bee would allow you to employ weapons much more efficiently with low precision like the MP40, while Jai and Shirou give you the edge over many foes. Alok’s active offers more speed and tools.

Shirou is perfect for combining with D-Bee, however if you desire Shirou can be switched to Joseph or Hayato. Joseph adds increased mobility and higher damage to Hayato.

D-Bee + Luqueta + Wolfrahh + Xayne

This is a tanky long-term construction for ordinary BR matches. For each killing you made, Wolfrah and Luqueta’s ability to stack and Xayne’s ability to get those kills temporarily. In combination with the talent of D-Bee, it is advisable to use a shotgun or LMG to fight in mid-range battle.


This combo is ideal for usage with strong recoil SMGs or ARs. Just hit a few non-zooming scopes and it’s set to go. Even weapons such as the AK would achieve pinpoint accuracy in this configuration – damage on the move should be easy.

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