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Top 5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17

Top 5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17. Food is highly crucial in survival matches such as Minecraft, you need to continuously complete your hunger metre. In addition, the additional effects of food are vital to a combat, particularly when your issue is over peaceful.

In this post, we’ll highlight in Minecraft 1.17 the top five greatest food products.

5 – Bread

While bread is not the unique or most interesting dish in the game, it can be created reliably and easily. That’s why #5 appears on our list of Minecraft’s top food products.


The first thing players may do in the game is to make bread with wheat solely, and a huge wheat farm. You just need to generate a few seeds and players can break grass blocks to acquire those seeds. Once utilised, 5 hunger points and 6 saturation points restored to bread. In the early game, it’s the greatest meal to store.

4 – Steak

Steak is not the most effective item for hunger restore, but it is the easiest to manufacture. Only a raw beef needs to cooked or a cow put on fire. Multiple components needed for all other food that restores appetite besides steak.

Burning cows

Once made, steaks replenish 8 points of hunger and 12.8 points of saturation. A dependable cow farm is the sole disadvantage of eating steak continually.

3 – Suspicious stew

This is the most unique dish in the game with the ingredient you used for customised effects. The coat of steam may be earned by crafting, milking, trading with a villagers expert or raiding a shipwreck in brown mooshrooms.

Minecraft Suspicious Stew Recipes

Statistically this stew heals 6 points of hunger and 7.2 points of saturation with an extra impact of your choice. You can have 5 beneficial effects: regeneration, boosting jumps, resistance to fire, saturation and night vision.

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2 – Golden Carrots

Golden carrots are one of Minecraft 1.17’s most costly but finest food products. 8 gold nuggets and a carrot are required for the creation. Best of all, this carrot earns you an incredible 14.4 points, the highest in the game.

Golden Carrots

This can also be obtained via a farmers’ village master level. By keeping up with this, you can spend a while exploring without worrying about hunger.

1 – Enchanted Golden Apples

The most potent buff items in Minecraft are Enchanted Golden Apples. There are some of the most beneficial boosts in the game for the players: 20 seconds in regeneration II; 2 minute in absorption IV; 5 minute in resistance; 5 minutes in fire resistance.

Enchanted Golden Apples

The finest meal in Minecraft 1.17 is enchanted Golden Apples.
They are in desert pyramids, dungeons, wooded houses and mineshafts exclusively in chests. In PvP scenarios, boss battles and raids enchanted Golden Apples are beneficial. They can be fed to horses to enhance their chances of breeding. Normal golden apples make their impact significantly weaker.

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Top 5 Best Food Items In Minecraft 1.17

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