Taego Map Pubg Release Date and Teago Map Features

Taego Map Pubg Release Date and Teago Map Features.This means that a new map like Erangel’s has arrived to the game with a dimensional 8 X8 by its name Taego and we have very good news of this time.

The game has been added to many beautiful towns and compounds, and to make the game more fun, a lot of unique thing. It is also a very big map like Erangel where we will discover many fields and the environment. Taego’s game

Features Of Taego Map

  • 100 Players At A Time
  • Only One Weather (Sunny Weather)
  • No Red Zone
  • Available In Solo And Squads
  • Comeback BR
  • Self AED

PUBG PC New Map: Taego

In the present Taego, you may play in TPP as well as in FPP mode as the Featured Map. It has solo and squads, with 1-man team modes. But Duos aren’t available at this time but can be added to the future, unfortunately.

These modes will depend on the region, so don’t worry if some of the other country players have not received anything. It’s also like an angel 8x 8 so 100 players may play at a time. it’s also a big map. Bots can spawn in this fashion, and the weather is clear.

The good news is for everyone who hates and gets knocked through the red zone. There is no red zone in Taego. In the custom matches is included Taego Map.

Comeback BR

Only available with this feature on the taego map, you’ve just died at the start of the match, is a separate arena mode created for you with other players that died at the start of the match? But if the second or third area is finished, no return BR is possible.

You will sent to the real match by helicopter if you get a victory in the arena modes. But you have to return to lobby you defeated in arena mode. It will be the same as TDM, and weapons will be the same for everybody.

Note: BR Will Work Only In Squad Comeback

Self AED

Self AED is really a great feature to live by if you have the Self AED kit. Assume if there’s no one in your teammate you can’t play again. You can’t play again. But you can live without anybody’s assistance with helping yourself.

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This self-administration will work alone like squads, so there is no need to worry about dying if you have a self-administration kit.

Taego Map Pubg Release Date and Teago Map Features

I don’t need to update it if you’re the PUBG mobile player, but there are extremely little chances of it being available for everyone. But no update is available now.

The Latest Taego Map of PUBG PC, that’s all. If this article is useful to you, share and let your friends know about social media with it.

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