Genshin Impact Yunjin Leaks: Release Date,Element,Weapon,Skills

Genshin Impact Yunjin Leaks: Release Date,Element,Weapon,Skills.Yunjin is still not aware of the Genshin impact. It is still extremely restricted what we know about this guy. Here are all of the leaks and forecasts we’ve ever heard regarding Yunjin’s weapon, components and gameplay.

Yunjin’s Leaked Details

Yunjin is a mysterious figure known only by Heyu Tea House Ad. This concealed figure, according to the ad, is a Liyue opera singer. She’s Heyu Tea House’s Troupe captain also. Yunjin is more likely to be a classical musician. In her concerts, she also performs this kind of music. w.

It doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t like other music. Yunjin enjoys all types of music, especially rock, from Xinyan’s perspective. It’s because Xinyan frequently visits Yunjin and watches her rock shows.

In addition, Genshin Impact Yunjin is a great dancer as well. She is renowned in this country as a famous idol with abilities in singing and dance. Yunjin’s in the tea house also is a brasser. She is a talented brewer and an actor.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Release Date

Yunjin didn’t officially appear in this game. All the characteristics or NPCs that know about him disclosed. The Genshin Impact players still feel that Yunjin will in the future be playable. MiHoYo didn’t declare or provide details about this character. Her releasing date, however, remains uncertain.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Element

The element and weapon of Yunjin not yet known. Often she is holding in Inazuma a fan of paper like the young woman Kamisato Ayaka. So she may be a user of the sword. You can observe that skilful fighters, who typically wield paper fans, often have tremendous sword skill if you have seen numerous Kungfu movies. It might also be a user of Polearm.

Yunjin can be a character from her outfit: geo, pyro, or electro, as the characters typically employ dark clothes. If she is launched after the change in the meta of the game, with update 2.1 she can be multi-functional. She may then perform your team’s supportive and DPS roles.

The Geo character who utilises the Polearm, according to a leaker on Twitter. If Yunjin’s view is geo, she will be a 4-star character more likely. It’s because the game has a Geo-character of 5 stars – Liyue Zhongli. Yunjin is unlikely to be another 5-star character because they come from the same nation with the same sort of weapon and have the same view.

Perhaps from the Wish banner, you’ll get her. This forceful attitude, unlike Healer Yaoyao, may be achieved only desired situations when all forecasts are right. Unknown yet are the Yunjin mains. To see if Yunjin comes as a playable character, you have to expect more developments.

Other Rumored Characters In Genshin Impact

In addition to Yunjin, several suspected characters from the Genshin Impact anticipated by gamers. Here are some of Genshin Impact’s most speculated character that have not yet been verified.

  • Yaoyao can be the first Dendro character in this game. A lot of players expect to see and get this adorable character in Genshin Impact. However, MiHoYo has not confirmed her release yet.
  • Shenli also appears in the list of rumored characters with Hu Tao, Kokomi, Sayu, Rosaria, Kazuha, Yunjin, and Yaoyao. From her leaked image, she is also a character from Liyue. Because most of the rumored characters in this list have released, the chance that Yaoyao, Yunjin, and Shenli released in the upcoming versions pretty high.

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  • Yae Sakura appeared in many scenes and missions in Inazuma. However, her release still questioned. This beautiful character also highly anticipated.

Those are all information we have known about Genshin Impact Yunjin. She might released in the following versions when further parts of Teyvat unlocked. Just stay updated.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Leaks: Release Date,Element,Weapon,Skills

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