How to use the Hackamajig in Deathloop

How to use the Hackamajig in Deathloop.Colt Vahn has taken on a mission to kill eight Visionaries on the island of Blackreef to put an end to a time cycle. To achieve this, he needs all the tools and power available, including the Hackamajig that he’s getting into the game early on, but how does it work?

Players can equip the tool with the D-Pad with the left hand of Colt to use the Hackamajig. Hold the L1 button to turn it on once Colt holds the device. The unit will pick up and showcase a machine open for manipulation. Hackable devices can also be differentiated from players by bright red light. When successfully hacked, cameras and blue beams of Turrets will turn green. Hold the L1 button until the enemy device turns red/blue.

Colt can tamper with several devices in Deathloop, including cameras, turrets, gates, and machines. Each of the changes to these machines is listed below:

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  • Cameras: Stops devices from sounding an alarm when Colt crosses their path.
  • Turrets: Colt can prevent enemy turrets from shooting him, and have them shoot enemies instead.
  • Gates: Open a locked gate, granting access to a previously unaccessable area.
  • Machines: These devices make noise when hacked to draw enemies towards them.

How to use the Hackamajig in Deathloop

Colt’s adeptness with the Hackamajig can make his time in the cursed island far easier, so we recommend making a habit of using this device regularly.

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