F1 2021 Full Patch Notes 1.10Two months have passed since the F1 2021 was released, but we finally get the first circuit. Codemasters developer introduced Portimao into the F1 2021 in conjunction with Patch 1.10. This is the first of three circuits to follow in the months ahead.

The Portuguese Grand Prix takes place in Portimao. It was first established in 1951 as a technical race path. It has been included several times on the Formula One calendar, but was absent nearly 30 years until 2020. The FIA has decided to return to Formula One due to the COVID-19 causing a variety of travel complications.F1 2021 Full Patch Notes 1.10

Two more to follow

With Portimao added, Codemasters now only need to add two more tracks to F1 2021. The other two are Imola from San Marino and Jeddah from Saudi Arabia. The Imola Circuit was built in 1981, and is one of the oldest motorsport circuits. It is infamous for Tamburello, the corner of Ayrton Senna’s tragic death.

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Jeddah is a new track, however, that was never raced before in Formula 1. The track is like Monaco on the coast and is running in the night, just like the Grand Prix of Singapore. Unlike many other roads, Jeddah has more than 160 mph of average cars.

F1 2021 Full Patch Notes 1.10

Apart from Portimao, some notable changes to F1 2021 made to the new update. The main change is that the update to performance is live now. This means that the cars in the game are closer to their real lives. To accommodate this, Codemasters has all leaderboard times reset.

In addition, some tracks fitted with an Aston Martin safety car. An Aston Martin Vantage sometimes used to fulfil this role in real life instead of the usual Mercedes AMG GTR. Patch 1.10 finally addresses a number of bugs that should help increase stability and gameplay overall.

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