Spectrum Skin Bundle Release Date, Prices,Details in Valorant

Spectrum Skin Bundle Release Date, Prices,Details in Valorant.The most recent cooperation between Riot Games is the German DJ and the immortal player Valorant, Zedd. The Collab delivers the skin pack Valorant SPECTRUM into the game to pleasure the gamers. In a keynote on the official Valorant Twitter this morning, Zedd defines the new package as ‘armed colour and sound. Let us look at the skin bundle of Valorant SPECTRUM including the date of publication, costs and details.

Valorant SPECTRUM Skin release date

The Valorant SPECTRUM skin bundle releases on September 8, 2021. You will be able to pick it up through the in-game shop at that time.

Valorant SPECTRUM Skin prices

The SPECTRUM Valorant skin bundle has the same effect as the Elderflam collection as an Exclusive Edition (XE). In the past, Valorant SPECTRUM skin bundles should cost between 9.900 VP and 10.700 VP in consideration of the pricing action of identical skin.

It is uncertain at the present time whether the skins can be obtained separately or solely in the entire bundle. It seems, nonetheless, that it is an exclusive bundle collection.

All Valorant SPECTRUM Skins

The Valorant SPECTRUM bundle will include the following weapon skins:

  • Melee
  • Classic
  • Bulldog
  • Guardian
  • Phantom




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The skin bundle overall has a calm, balanced sound, which Zedd, together with the audio design team of the Valorant, touches. Like the music of Zedd the sounds of the weapon shooting are rich and powerful. A “Z” Zedd insignia is attached to each weapon along with electric motions that pull through every design. The basic white, black and red, red with white and black accents, and purple with pink and red accents all have four skin colours.

Spectrum Skin Bundle Release Date, Prices,Details in Valorant

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