New World Arcana Leveling Guide

New World Arcana Leveling Guide.In Aeternum, you can master a variety of crafting skills in the New World, including the ancient art of potion crafting. Arcana is the trade skill you’ll need to master in this game if you want to brew some potions, tinctures, and elemental infusions to give you an advantage in battle. Due to the requirements, it is also one of the more difficult trade skills to level. However, if you know what materials to farm, the grind doesn’t have to be too difficult. We’ll show you the quickest way to level in this New World Arcana leveling guide.

The method we believe is the simplest way to level Arcana in New World is outlined below. We’re focusing on levels 0 to 50 for the time being, and we’ll add more to the guide later. You’ll need to farm a few ingredients, including Bulrush Cob, Water Motes, and Water. These are all low-level materials that can be found in any of the starting zones.

Furthermore, if you are new to New World, you may be unsure of where to level your Arcana. Go to any of the main settlements and look for the Arcane Repository to begin levelling Arcana. Let’s begin with the New World Arcana levelling guide.

Arcana Leveling Guide for the New World

To level Arcana in New World, you’ll need to make a variety of potions. Between Arcana crafting levels 0 and 50, you can concentrate on two different potions. The total amount of experience required to reach level 5 is as follows:

  • Level 0–5: 550 XP
  • Level 5–50: 10,575 XP

Leveling 0–5 in New World Arcana

Weak Health Potions are the simplest potion to make for levelling Arcana to level 5. The following ingredients are needed to make a Weak Health potion:

  • 1x Tier 1 Medicinal Reagents
  • 1 Water

Bulrush Cob or Hyssop are Tier 1 Medicinal Reagents. To obtain Bulrush Cob, locate and harvest Bulrush plants near a lake or riverbed. You’ll get a bunch of Reeds and Bulrush Cob every time you loot a Bulrush plant, and you’ll need 91 Bulrush Cob and 91 Water to craft a total of 91 Weak Health Potions to reach Arcana level 5.

Bulrush plants are abundant near any small body of water, such as a lake or pond. Look for the tall, tannish-colored plants that grow along the shores of any body of water and start picking.

5–50 New World Arcana Leveling

The Common Focus Potion is the simplest potion to make for levelling Arcana from 5 to 50. The following ingredients are required for a Common Focus Potion:

  • 1x Tier 2 Water Reagents
  • 1 Water

Water Motes, Rivercress Stems, and Toadpots are Tier 2 Water Reagents. The Water Motes are most likely the easiest of these three ingredients to obtain. You can harvest all of the Rivercress and Springstone you see by travelling along any river, such as the one leading southwest out of Everfall.

New World Arcana Leveling Guide - Water Motes Route in Everfall

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One thing to keep in mind is that looting Magical Plants requires at least level 30 harvesting. This route will also benefit you greatly if you have at least level 50 mining to gather Alchemy Stones (Springstone).

To reach Arcana level 50 in New World, you’ll need 441 Water Motes and 441 Water to create 441 Common Focus Potions. The most difficult part is collecting all of the Water Motes, which will take you between one and two hours if you take the above route.

In the New World, what can you make with Arcana?

Arcana is a crafting skill that allows you to create the following items:

  • Magical Weapons
  • Tinctures
  • Elemental Infusions
  • Potions
  • Weapon Coatings
  • Ward Potions

Magical Weapons

  • Fire Staff
  • Life Staff
  • Ice Gauntlet


  • Blight Tincture – Protective Reagents + Air Reagents + Water
  • Corruption Tincture – Protective Reagents + Water Reagents + Water

Elemental Infusion

  • Elemental Wisps
  • Essence
  • Quintessence


  • Healing Potion – Medicinal Reagents + Water
  • Mana Potion – Magical Reagents + Water
  • Focus Potion – Water Reagents + Water
  • Regeneration Potion – Medicinal Reagents + Life Reagents + Water
  • Fire Absorption Potion – Protective Reagents + Air Reagents + Water
  • Lightning Absorption Potion – Protective Reagents + Fire Reagents + Water
  • Void Absorption Potion – Protective Reagents + Death Reagents + Water
  • Encumbrance Potion – Earth Reagents + Fire Reagents + Water

Weapon Coatings

  • Beast coating – Offensive Reagents + Air Reagents + Oil
  • Lost coating – Offensive Reagents + Life Reagents + Oil
  • Corrupted coating – Offensive Reagents + Water Reagents + Oil
  • Ancient coating – Offensive Reagents + Earth Reagents + Oil
  • Angry Earth coating – Offensive Reagents + Fire Reagents + Oil

Ward Potions

  • Beast Ward – Protective Reagents + Earth Reagents + Water
  • Lost Ward – Protective Reagents + Air Reagents + Water
  • Corrupted Ward – Protective Reagents + Life Reagents + Water
  • Ancient Ward – Protective Reagents + Water Reagents + Water
  • Angry Earth Ward – Protective Reagents + Fire Reagents + Water

That concludes our New World Arcana levelling guide from 0 to 50, but we will be updating this post shortly. Keep this page bookmarked, check back for updates, and share it with your friends if you find it useful!

New World Arcana Leveling Guide

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