How To Get Industrial Circuits In Far Cry 6 Unlimited Farm

HHow To Get Industrial Circuits In Far Cry 6 Unlimited Farm.Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter set in the land of Yara. And in this land, you can find a variety of resources that you can use to craft mods for various weapons. The Industrial Circuit is one such resource. At the workbench, you can use this resource to craft a variety of Weapon and Supremo improvement mods. So, in this guide, we’ll look at how to obtain industrial circuits in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6: How to Get an Industrial Circuit

There are two ways you can acquire Industrial Circuit and they are:

  • Trade Meat With Vendors: Trade animal meat with any vendor available in the game. But not any kind of meat works, so you will need to trade some High-quality top-tier meat. You can trade Alpha Coyotes, Alpha Crocodiles, and Alpha Jaguars. Be sure to get headshots when hunting them otherwise you will get damaged meat. Alternatively, you can upgrade your Hunter’s Lodge to get the Animal Anatomy guide. This guide grants you good meat from animals no matter how you hunt and kill them
  • Buy from Lola: Go to the Black Market in Guerilla Camps. There you will find a merchant named Lola. You can purchase it from her. You have to use a currency called Moneda to purchase these resources. Moneda is a special currency that you can earn by completing special operations. Additionally, you can also earn it by playing co-op online with your friends. If you happen to complete the game, then you can also earn it by doing an activity called Insurgency.

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That’s everything you need to know about getting Industrial Circuit in FC6. If you enjoy playing this game, be sure to check out our other guides on changing the appearance of your gear, finding the Aguada cliffs checkpoint key, and finding all horse locations in Far Cry 6.

How To Get Industrial Circuits In Far Cry 6 Unlimited Farm

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