Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Event: Summertime Sparkle & More Rewards

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Event: Summertime Sparkle & More Rewards.This morning, Genshin Impact Update 1.6 was issued. Up to 600 Primogem prizes can be received by you. Moreover, the event Echoing Tales began. Let’s go to the highly awaited Summertime Sparkle outfit and many incentives.

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Event Details

In the event centre of Genshin Impact you may check out the Echoing Tales event. The tournament lasts 42 days between 9 June and 21 July. To be able to participate in the event Genshin impact Echoing Tales and receive a lot of goodies you must attain Adventure Ranking level 21 or above.

Echoing Tales

During this event, tourists must cross the archipelago of Golden Apple and gather the Echoing Conches. Only in that archipelago these things distributed. You obtain the prizes of the milestone when you attain the quantity of Echoing Conches.

Conch Retrospection Set

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Rewards

Here are all rewards you can get from this interesting Echoing Tales event:

  • 360 Primogems in total when you collect 4 – 24 Echoing Conches.
  • 20 Hero’s With EXP books when collecting 32 Echoing Conches.
  • Set of talent level-up materials: Guide to Freedom, Guide to Resistance, Guide to Ballad, Guide to Prosperity, Guide to Diligence, and Guide to Gold.
  • 240,000 Mora coins.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores.

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Echoing Tales Event Rewards
Echoing Tales event rewards

Moreover, the Summertime Sparkle outfit set of Barbara will be rewarded for you when you collect enough 24 Echoing Conches. Besides, collecting Echoing Conches also helps you unlock Conch Retrospection for more gaming experiences.

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Event: Summertime Sparkle & More Rewards

After this event, you cannot collect Echoing Conches anymore and this set won’t be able to obtain for free. You need to buy it from the Character Outfit Shop with 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

Collect Echoing Conches

Character Outfit Shop

This is a new shop in Genshin Impact 1.6. Currently, there is only one outfit you can buy from this shop: Sea Breeze Dandelion. It’s available to purchase with 1,350 Genesis Crystals at a 20% discount. The discount will finish 39 days later. After the current offer ends, this outfit costs 1,680 Genesis Crystals, the currency in Genshin Impact.

Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit Shop

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