Pet Master free spins – coins daily links Today 14 June 2021

Pet Master free spins – coins daily links Today 14 June 2021. Pet Master is a new slot game from the creators of Coin Master. You spin slots to gain gold, which you then spend on village enhancements, much like in the previous game. Except in Pet Master, instead of a village, you build a ‘pet camp,’ and your main objective is, presumably, to take over the pet kingdom.

However, it’s essentially the same game as Coin Master, with the exception that the theme is dogs. You’ll travel to many animal-themed realms, acquire a variety of cards, and spin the slots machine an unhealthy amount of times. Which takes us neatly to the point of this guide: giving you a load of Pet Master free spins.

Pet Master free spins – coins daily links Today 14 June 2021

Pet Masters Codes

Here are all the working codes with the rewards of each code:

RELEASE+500 Coins
GRAVY+1k Coins
100KVISITS+1k Coins
MASTERS+1k Coins

How To Redeem Pet Masters Codes?

To redeem the codes for Pet Masters it’s easy and straight forward just follow the steps below:

  • First click on twitter icon
Pet masters codes
  • This screen appears
Pet masters codes
  • Enter the codes
  • Click redeem
  • your rewards will appear like this
Pet masters codes

Just note that the codes are sometimes CASE sensitive so it would be better to copy them from the list above to avoid any mistakes.

How Else Can I Get Free Spins?

While the above links are the easiest method of getting free spins, coins, and more in Pet Master, there are additional ways you can get free stuff detailed below.

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: you can get pretty much everything you can possibly need by spinning. You’ll need spins to, errr, spin, of course, but we’d recommend doing so as often as possible.

When you run out of spins, you can return after an hour to spin five more times. This caps out at 50 spins, so you will want to return at least every ten hours to ensure you’re not wasting any free spins. Set yourself a reminder.

Our final caveat is that you can activate a bet multiplier when you have a ton of spins available, which uses more spins but also increases your winnings. Use it whenever possible.


One of the fastest ways to get free spins in Pet Master is to invite your friends. While the number of spins you can get for free if a friend successfully signs up varies, it’s usually a substantial number. Right now it’s at 90 spins, which is very generous indeed.

Complete your village

So what do you spend all of that hard-earned cash on? Village upgrades, of course! Not only do you receive spins for completing a village, you can also receive them as rewards from ‘Village Rush’. This event provides you with rewards for achieving certain village levels.

Roll the dice

Once you’ve unlocked the board, we recommend rolling your dice as often as you can. The rewards vary per board, but there are free spins, dice, and coins up for grabs

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