Battlegrounds Mobile India Royal Pass Leaks Rewards Outfits

Battlegrounds Mobile India Royal Pass Leaks Rewards Outfits.Mobile India Battlegrounds Was published on 17 June 2021. Since last year, players wait for the start of the game. That’s over, finally. I’m not going to discuss the past today. The causes of the game have been prohibited in India. Battlegrounds Mobile India A new 14.0 update with the new maps, new features, Outfits and Skins beta versions has been released.

Since this is a beta version, there may be some failures later. There are currently no official changes to the Royal Pass. But all the information that I have got so far will I share with you.

RP Upgrade Cards

So let’s discuss mobile India battleground Season 1. In order for you to grasp first royal pass in the first two parts, the Pubg mobile India super season Royal pass is separated into M1 and M2. This may be seen in the photos as well. Royal Pass for the first month and M2 for the second month may also be upgraded using M1 Rp Card.

Elite RP Upgraded Card

We know that we are getting 25 Rp ranks in Pubg mobile global if we buy Elite Royal pass. Also divide into two parts BGMI Elite Royal Pass. Use the 2 cards and receive 24 ranks. Each card upgrade 12 ranks.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Super Season Royal Pass Rewards:

Legendary Outfits:

  • Tidal Wargod Mask
  • Wavebreaker Cover
  • Marine Predator Cover

Mythic Outfits:

  • Night Stalker Cover
  • Marine Marauder Cover

Vehicle Skins:

1 – Tesla Roadster – Dacia Skin

2 – Shell Throne Motorcycle w/Sidecar – Image Not Available Yet.

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Parachute Skins:

  • SS1 ACE parachute
  • Marine Predator parachute

Gun Skins:

  • Marine Marauder – UZI
  • Tidal wargod – SCAR – L
  • Marine Marauder – M24

Other Outfit and Skins:

  • Marine Marauder Plane finish
  • Lapis Barrier Backpack
  • Tidal Wargod Helmet

You Can Download Pubg Mobile India from Google Playstore.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Royal Pass Leaks Rewards Outfits

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