Where To Find Naku Weed In Genshin Impact

Where To Find Naku Weed In Genshin Impact.As of Genshin Impact Version 2.0, Inazuma is now a playable region in the game. New content and resources are also available. You can learn more about Naku Weed, one of the new resources, in the section below. Find out where to find Naku Weed in Genshin Impact with our handy guide

Check out our guide on Sakura Bloom locations when you’re done with Naku Weed. It’s best to stock up on both of these items before they disappear from the Inazuma area.

‘Even on days with no wind, this plant will still tremble lightly when thunder roars.’ Part of it that looks like petals is actually an extension of the leaf, which is meant to protect the fragile flower.

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Where to find Naku Weed in Genshin Impact

It can only harvested in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. You can only get it in Inazuma.

Naku Weed locations Genshin Impact can found on these two maps.

For the Electroculus Resonance Stone, which reveals nearby Electroculus locations in Inazuma, you’ll need Naku Weed to craft. For levelling and ascension, this material not used in any specific recipes or by any specific characters. If this changes in the future, we will update this guide accordingly. They reveal that Naku Weed will used for the upcoming 5-star character Yoimiya, which will playable in the game.

A new Naku Weed respawns in-game every two days. Plan on running Naku Weed farm routes at least twice per week, if not three times per week. If you plan to pull Yoimiya or anticipate new recipes utilising it, you may want to start stockpiling this material.

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