PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 TDEV VIP Loader Hack C1S2

What is PUBG ESP Hack

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 TDEV VIP Loader Hack C1S2ESP and Injector (Extra Sensory Perception) cheats give you the upper-hand in online games to see objects, NPCs or players through walls and terrain. This feature can display information like player names, health, where they’re looking, and much more.

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 TDEV VIP Loader Hack C1S2

  • Global
  • Korean
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • 32 Bit Only
  • Root Non Root

ESP Features

  • Airdrop
  • Vehicle
  • Name
  • Health
  • Weapons
  • Distance
  • Locations
  • Loots
  • Skeleton
  • 360 Alert
  • Granade Warning

Memory Hack Features (use bypass)

Weapon Hacks

  • Aimbot
  • Aim Knocked
  • Headshot
  • Magic Bullets
  • Instant Hit
  • Hit Effect X
  • Small Crosshair
  • Less Recoil
  • Antishake
  • Stand Scope
  • Sit Scope
  • Prone Scope

Visual Hacks

  • Wide View
  • No Fog
  • Purble Fog
  • Green Fog
  • Cyan Fog
  • Black Sky
  • Black Body
  • Night Mode
  • No Grass
  • No Trees

Speed Hacks

  • Fast Parachute
  • Flash v1
  • Flash v2
  • Flash v3
  • Fix Stuck
  • Sit Fly
  • Speed Prone+Knocked
  • Fix Ping
  • Fix Firing
  • Fix Damage
  • Fast Scope
All File Are Available Here:

PUBG Mobile 1.6.0 TDEV VIP Loader Hack C1S2

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Mod Data

No Root required

All two of the above main mods have been discussed in detail, but in the new versions these hack types can not be used and only in the older versions are these mods available.

Anyone who has to use these mods must download the specific build file and then import the file in the required device, as mods only change the game settings and allow players to use the modification PUBG version.


What is ESP in PUBG?

The ESP system basically injects code into the game client that monitors the game data in your device memory. It is one of the most advanced hacking techniques that offers a variety of information on your opponents such as name, health, distance, weapons used, and much more.

What is PUBG injector?

Injector is a tool or an apk which contains direct codes, which runs on ANDLua+ based program. These hacks or hacking tool are ban in android store or Play Store. These apps help us to direct put the code without using the hack script.

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