How to get the Evolution Collection Event Skins in Apex Legends

How to get the Evolution Collection Event Skins in Apex Legends.Apex Legends has just launched the latest event. It was a slow beginning with players having problems of connection. However, you have plenty of cosmetics to collect when that is out of the way. The collection event Apex Legends Evolution is not about skin collection. It coincides also with an important patch that adds a Rampart City Pick-up, places a fun Arenas spin and tinkers with a few Legends and weapons.

We are all concerned with these cosmetic articles in this guide. Some free ones can be earned through the rewards path of the event. There’s also a package for which you have to pay. Let’s look at the free items and the paid items.

All about the freebies

The items I can earn for free are always my main focus in these events. As soon as you load the Evolution Music Pack for the first time into the event, you receive your first freebie. It’s not the most exciting item, but it’s something. In the awards track of the Apex legends evolution event, the good stuff, including some legendary skin.

In the rewards track, there are 16 items in total. You can get 12 of them from completing the event challenges by using earned event points. You can earn 900 points on the first day. Each day the event goes on you should be able to earn about that. It will take you approximately six days to achieve 5,000 points unlocking all 12 items. The three main cosmetics you’ll want to get are the epic Lifeline Cold Compress skin, the legendary Triple Take Prime Precision skin, and the Final Form legendary Wingman skin.

There are no other four items you can collect from the Apex Legends Evolution collection. These are event badges. They are event badges. During this event, 10 000 damages can be paid for the Evolution Destruction badge in Battle Royale mode. You will get Evolution Champion Badge if you damage 25,000 in Arena during the event. You will get the Evolution Demolisher badge by knocking down 100 players in Battle Royale. Finally, you receive the Evolution Master badge by completing all three of these challenges.

You get what you pay for

The Apex Legends Evolution collection contains some great free cosmetic items that can be purchased. In the paid section, however, the best are always. Everyone has lovely cyberpunk skins Wraith, Rampart, and Lifeline. Some of the best weapons skins I have ever seen in the game are also present. My top choices include the Master Blaster Skin, the Ethereal Skin Sentinel Expectations and the Aqua Flatline skin. In the tweet clip below you can look at some of the skins of the weapon.

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To get these beauties, you’ll need to purchase Evolution Packs at 700 Apex Coins per loot box. As usual, there are 24 cosmetics to pick up. If you buy them all, you will automatically get the new Rampart Heirloom, the wonderfully named Problem Solver.

Unfortunately, this time there are no free packs around. However, there are several bundles at decent prices, which will ease the blow of cosmetics.

How to get the Evolution Collection Event Skins in Apex Legends

By writing, you’ve got 12 days to complete the rewards track for events and buy all your items. So you’ll have enough time to win the skins of Apex Legends Evolution until the 27th September.

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