How To Improve Camp Facilities In Far Cry 6

How To Improve Camp Facilities In Far Cry 6. In Far Cry 6, understanding Camp Facilities or Bases is critical. It is required because each camp facility provides a unique set of benefits for those who build them. So, in this guide, we’ll look at how to upgrade the base and prioritise upgrades for various camp facilities.

How to Improve Your Base in Far Cry 6

In FC6, unlocking and upgrading any base requires the use of scrap items, metals, medicines, and other resources. All of these materials can be found throughout Yara as you progress through the game. Before you can upgrade, you must first establish a camp. You can do so by speaking with Foreman at the construction desk. Talk to Foreman on the construction site about upgrading a base.

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What should be your top priority when upgrading your camp facilities?

Here’s the order in which you should upgrade your bases, as well as what you get if you max them out.

  • Hideout Network: Unlocks Wingsuit, Fast travel, Workbench, Allows you to buy Maps, Los Bandidos Board, Guerrilla Scout, Defensive Turret, Ability to spawn vehicle spawns near each hideout, Improved Guerrilla supply cache, and each time you return to the base it recharges Supremo.
  • Bandidos Barracks: Recruits have a higher chance at succeeding at Bandido Operations, Bandido Recruiter sells advanced and specialist gears,
  • Hunters Lodge: Predator Hunting and Mythical Animal Brochures, Ciervo Macho (hunting shotgun), El Depredador (hunting rifle), extra meat upon the hunt, no damage to meat when hunting, and arrows dealing more damage.
  • Guerrilla Garrison: Advanced and specialists weapons, Guerrilla Snipers, and rocketeers can be found throughout Yara and advanced & specialist Recons that tag VIPs and Security Centers.
  • Fishing Hut: Upgrading this base gives you access and hard and extreme fishing spots, the ability to use bait on fishes, 3 pieces of fishing gear, and no damage to fish meat when shooting or exploding fish.
  • La Cantina: All the upgrades for this camp facility will unlock different recipes that give you various buffs.

That concludes this guide on how to upgrade the base in Far Cry 6 and the priority for camp facilities. If you enjoy playing this game, be sure to read our guide on how to obtain industrial circuits in Far Cry 6.

How To Improve Camp Facilities In Far Cry 6

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