How To Feed Pelicans In Far Cry 6 and Where To Feed Pelicans

How To Feed Pelicans In Far Cry 6 and Where To Feed Pelicans.Far Cry 6 features a lot of animal interaction. At the start of the game, you are introduced to Guapo, a crocodile that you can pet. Later on, you’ll meet more amigos of various species with whom you can interact.

Pelicans are one of the animals with which you can interact. Your first encounter with one of these large water birds may occur during the Little Birdie Told Me treasure hunt, where you must feed the pelican named Danilo in order for him to lead you to the treasure at the end of the hunt. This isn’t the only opportunity to interact with these birds.

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Take a look at the above map. Pelicans are the easiest to spot along La Joya’s shores. A pelican hunting spot can be found on the eastern shores of the Dorado Cove region of La Joya. You could come here to hunt, but why would you harm such a harmless bird?

When you arrive, look around. Pelicans are usually found on the beach or in the water. If they are in the water, you must wait for them to come ashore before you can interact with them.

Walk up to it once it arrives on the shores. Be cautious when running because it may frighten them, and never fire your gun. Approach the pelican and interact with it by pressing square or X depending on which console you’re using. This will start a scene in which you toss a small fish to the bird.

How To Feed Pelicans In Far Cry 6 and Where To Feed Pelicans

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