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Honkai Impact Redeem Codes Today 8 March 2022

Honkai Impact Redeem Codes Today 8 March 2022. Redeemable codes distributed by Honkai Impact’s developers as a result of in-game events, partnerships, and other circumstances. It’s worth mentioning, though, that these codes limited and will expire at some point. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the current active codes!

Honkai Impact Redeem Codes Today 8 March 2022

ARAHATO2022 (NEW)20x Crystals / 20x Arahato α disks
CBNSH9BMJW33 (NEW)30x Crystals / 2,888x Asterite / 1x SSS Trial Card Option
HOLYBLADE (NEW)9,999 Coins / 1x Battlesuit Trial Card Option / 1x Starless Rift
YTPTHQAL3WLB (NEW)120x Crystals

Expired Codes list

  • LYLESDGS: 50x Crystals
  • TIMIDOICICLE: 2,888 Asterite / 2x Stamina Potion
  • BRONYA0019BC: 50x Crystals
  • OUROBOROS:9999 Coins, Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift
  • EAPTY8TL2ZRB: 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterite, SSS Trial Card Option
  • MISSPINKELF: 9999 Coins, Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift
  • ELYSIA02: 60 Crystals
  • MOTHS10: 60 Crystals
  • RTPAZ8A4KZ7F: 200 Crystals
  • EAPAG8TLKG2T: 30 Crystals, 2888 Asterite, SSS Trial Card Option
  • OOHSUMMER: 9999 Mithril, Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift
  • GT7SGQSL3ECX: 2,888 Asterite / 30x Crystals / 1x SSS Trial Card
  • SWEETGIRL: 9,999 Coins / 1x Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card / 1x Starless Rift
  • BRYONYANEX: 200x Crystals
  • SILVERWING1: 60x Crystals
  • APHO2 : 60x Crystals
  • MT6TGQB4JFTT: 60 Crystals
  • ST7SG8ALJG87: 60 Crystals
  • QB6SHRSLJZQ3: 200 Crystals
  • 7APTHQT52HLP: 60 Crystals
  • BB7SY8T52Y5K: 60 Crystals
  • EUUYGC4WRF: 200 Crystals
  • XAPAGQSMKHJ7: 60 Crystals, 500 Asterite
  •  GVYEGG5NPX: 60 Crystals
  • GLUYHCMP3P: 100 Crystals
  • GUUE8C5T5F: 60 Crystals
  • WLUGHCMSMF: 140 Crystals
  • ICHLIEBEIDCH: 9999 Mithril, Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift
  • 2B7TZ8TMJZGF: 30 Crystals
  • BSPBHRS5KY33: 60 Crystals
  • WSNSZRA4JZ3F: 60 Crystals
  • TB6BZQT43YZT: 200 Crystals
  • SEELECUTE: 9999 Mithril, Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift
  • GMUWGCKTM7: 80 Crystals
  • YLYEGC5N97: 60 Crystals
  • GUUE8C5T5F: 60 Crystals
  • EUYW9G5SPF: 60 Crystals
  • YLUGHG3SP7: 60 Crystals
  • GUYY8C5S5P: 120 Crystals
  •  GMUWGCKTM7: 80 Crystals
  • YUYE8C3K3P: 300 Crystals
  • EUYYGCMJ7; 60 Crystals
  • GMUGGG2X7X: 150 Crystals
  • WUUEHCKWMX: 60 Crystals
  • GMUGHCLS5X: 60 Crystals
  • ELUY8G2T9P: 60 Crystals
  • YVUGGCJX9X: 60 Crystals
  • YVYGGGLT37: 60 Crystals, TeRiRi’s Treasure Map
  • GUYW9CKPP7: 80 Crystals
  • EVUEGCKP7F: 120 Crystals
  • EUUG9AUNP7: 60 Crystals
  • EVYYHACPMFl: 60 Crystals


  • Always keep in mind that codes can expire after a certain amount of time. So make sure to use them as soon as possible!
  • Following the game’s official social media pages may lead to extra Honkai Impact codes. Alternatively, because the page updated on a frequent basis, you may always come to us for the most up-to-date current codes!

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Honkai’s Influence

  • Honkai Impact 3rd takes place in a modern world where mysterious force known as [Honkai] has corrupted it. The war against the Honkai tragedy is being led by a tough resistance army made up of brave girls known as [Valkyries], who have an anti-Honkai genome and fight for everything that is lovely in this world.
  • Since its release on mobile devices, the game’s breathtaking cel-shaded graphics, engaging narrative, extensive customization, and limitless combo action have earned it an international following, with the game routinely topping the App Store and Google Play download lists throughout the world.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd has transferred to PC with cross-platform play capability since late 2019, attracting even more gamers to the critically praised game.

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How To Redeem?

  • Launch Honkai Impact.
  • To access your profile page, select your in-game name. This can be seen on your screen’s top left corner.
  • Copy / enter the codes above into Account.
  • Claim your freebie!

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