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How To Level Up Characters Fast In Marvel Strike Force 

How To Level Up Characters Fast In Marvel Strike Force. One of the keys to success in Marvel Strike Force is levelling up quickly. This guide should make the procedure go more smoothly.

In the Marvel Strike Force universe, players must deploy a mix of heroes and villains to combat Ultimus’ evil armies. Thankfully, gamers have access to a seemingly endless. List of Marvel characters (some of which are lesser-known to the general public). Who can easily fight Ultimus’ evil forces.

However, even if a player applies the most well-known Marvel Strike Force. Methods and tricks to defeat them, they may still fail due to their level. And the reality is that Commander Level and Character Level are crucial in Marvel Strike Force. Since they influence the overall strength of the player’s team. However, levelling up in Marvel Strike Force isn’t as simple as it appears. So gamers who want to fight Ultimus and his army of doppelgangers need learn how to level up as rapidly as possible.

Level Of Commander vs. Level Of Character

There are two types of levels in Marvel Strike Force: Commander Levels and Character Levels. The key to learning how to level up efficiently is to grasp the differences between them. However, both are necessary for becoming a stronger Marvel Strike Force player, especially if a player knows which novice team will provide them an advantage over Ultimus.

Commander Level

The Commander level determines a character’s level and the maximum number of CP (Combat Points) that they can have. Only by participating in Events, Raids, or completing Campaign Missions can players increase their Commander Level. Furthermore, the greater a player’s Commander Level is, the more content is available to them.

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Level Of Character

Despite the fact that Commander Levels set a character’s maximum level, players will still have to manually level them up. And the only way to raise Character Level is to equip six distinct pieces of gear and then rank up their tier. This is important since some of the best Skill-type characters only become OP after a certain level.

Best Ways To Level Up

Showcase of Marvel Srtike Force’s Alliance War, Campaign Missions, Daily Challenges, and Raids.

Once a player learns the distinction between Commander and Character Levels, they can begin levelling up quickly by accomplishing various game activities such as Campaign Missions, Raids, Events, and Alliance War.

Campaign Missions

Completing Campaign Missions, which reward players with a fair amount of EXP, is perhaps the finest method to level up in Marvel Strike Force. However, players should keep in mind that every Campaign Mission consumes Energy, and if they run out, they will be unable to complete them (unless they use Premium Currency).

Furthermore, they’ll need to assemble an EXP grinding team of top-tier characters (ideally Heroes, as they’re the greatest class), as challenging Campaign Missions offer the highest returns.


Participating in Raids is another certain way to level up, as each Raid provides a decent amount of EXP. Furthermore, players can gather much-needed Ability Material (material that lets players level character skills).

However, in order to gain the most EXP, players must participate in Ultimus Raid V or Ultimus Raid VI, which will necessitate the use of a specific raid team designed to last the whole Raid. Furthermore, Marvel Strike Force offers themed Raids such as Deadpool or Thanos, which double the amount of EXP gained while being significantly more difficult.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges, like in most games, are crucial to a player’s progression through the levels, and Marvel Strike Force is no exception. The good news is that gamers will also gain a significant sum of Gold, the game’s most valuable in-game money. Completing Daily Challenges is much more difficult in the early levels, but it gets easier as the player progresses.

To fulfil specific Campaign Missions, some Daily Challenges may need players to form a team. Furthermore, some Challenges require players to employ a Healer-Only team, therefore using the finest healers will make the challenge much easier to complete.

Alliance War

This PVP-focused game option is another wonderful opportunity for players to get EXP and help their Alliance win some battles. Alliance War is divided into two phases: offence and defence. Both phases produce a good amount of EXP. Regardless of whether they win or lose, players get EXP for each Offense/Defense phase.

However, if a player wants to level up rapidly, they must ensure that each phase is won. The greatest approach to win Alliance War Defense, for example, is to use a team that has a demonstrated track record of success. The good news is that there are numerous War Defense teams available to assist a gamer in winning without breaking a sweat.

Marvel Strike Force is now available for Android and iOS devices.

How To Level Up Characters Fast In Marvel Strike Force 

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