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Paolo Location In Far Cry 6. Are you looking for Paolo’s location in Far Cry 6? This guide will assist you in swiftly and simply locating him! Paolo is a crucial guy in the game, and you must locate him as soon as possible. We’ll tell you where to look for him and what to do once you’ve found him in this guide.

Paolo is in the town of Esperanza, which is in the map’s northern region. He’s easily identifiable because he’s wearing a bright red shirt and sporting a large moustache. Talk to him once you’ve discovered him, and he’ll give you a quest. This mission is crucial to the story’s progression, so make sure you finish it!

Far Cry 6 

Fans of the Far Cry series can now rejoice, as the long-awaited sixth instalment has arrived! With it comes a slew of new people to encounter, including Anton Castillo, the game’s major antagonist.

Paolo, Anton’s right-hand man and the leader of his covert police unit, is one of these characters. Players would undoubtedly want to know where Paolo may found in Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 6 Lost and Found Mission Start Map 1

Paolo can found across the game environment in numerous locales. He is, however, most frequently seen with Anton at his estate in Esperanza. This is also where players will meet him for the first time in the game’s first objective.

Paolo is a significant figure in Anton’s dictatorship, and as a result, he is constantly guarded. When approaching him, players must be cautious.

Paolo may found in the capital city of Yara, Puerto Libre, in addition to his estate in Esperanza. He and his soldiers are frequently spotted patrolling the streets or inside one of the city’s many government buildings.

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Paolo will also appear in a number of missions and side tasks throughout Far Cry. He frequently emerges at pivotal points in the plot or when players are attempting to fulfil a certain goal.

Players should always be cautious if they come across Paolo. He is a dangerous individual who should not taken lightly.

In Far Cry 6, Where Does Paolo Stay?

Paolo can found at the La Ballenada Resort. It will be the third-to-last option among the three options available to you. It’s near Muerte Point, which guarded by a few military in Barrial. Enter the resort after hearing painful screams and proceed to the Bar Restaurante with a toilet. Follow Paolo’s agonising cries until he is freed from his captivity.

Far Cry 6 Lost and Found Resorts Map

In the “Lost and Found” operation, Bicho assigns the goal of “reuniting Paolo with his mother.” He’ll want you to securely return Paolo, and he’s rumoured to hiding in Noventarmas International Airport. You’ll meet up with scumbag Bembé after storming the airport. He will say that Paolo is staying at a resort in Barrial, but he will not say which one. This is where you can save time by visiting the resort in the middle of the map.


Paolo can found in numerous areas throughout the game world in Far Cry 6. He frequently spotted with Anton to his Esperanza estate.

However, he can found in a number of missions and side quests strewn throughout the game. Players should constantly exercise caution whenever they come into contact with Paolo, since he a dangerous character who should not be underestimated.

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Paolo Location In Far Cry 6


In Far Cry 6, where does Paolo appear?

Paolo can found at the La Ballenada Resort. It will be one of the three resorts from which you can choose. It’s close to Muerte Point in Barrial, where there will be few soldiers along the way. Enter the resort’s grounds and proceed to the Bar Restaurante with a bathroom.

What happened to Talia and Paolo in Far Cry 6?

Paolo de la Vega and his partner Talia Benavidez established Máximas Matanzas, a DJ rapper duet. Unlike the mythical Yara region where the group hails from, the Cuban city of Matanzas is a real place.

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