Far Cry 6: How the Black Market Works

Far Cry 6: How the Black Market Works.In Far Cry 6, you can access the Black Market, which is a valuable resource. You’ll want to stop by the Black Market in your camp every now and then to see what the vendor, Lola, has for you. You can also visit her at every base you unlock when you meet one of the Guerilla groups in the Yara region. Here’s how the Far Cry 6 Black Market works and how you can take advantage of it.

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You must first contact one of the groups Carla wants you to meet with on Yara before you can find Lola. The Monteros, Talia Benevidez, and El Tigre are among them. Lola and her Black Market will appear after you have finished with them and unlocked their campaigns.

She found quickly in any of the camps, as indicated by the blue star above her head. When you speak with her, she’ll give you access to Special Operations and the Black Market. You can buy weapons and items from the Black Market, as well as items from the ‘other’ category.

The weapons modified and improved versions of those already available in the game. They’ll have unique modifications, such as a four-star MP5 with a modification that increases the weapon’s damage. Cosmetic appearances and special resources are available in the ‘other’ category. While there are other ways to obtain those resources in the game, Lola is an option.

These items are available for purchase from Lola if you have Moneda. This currency obtained by completing Special Operations for Lola. The weapons and ‘other’ categories are refreshed every few days, so Lola’s selection will change. But you still have time to get what you want before that happens.

Far Cry 6: How the Black Market Works

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