Far Cry 6: How To Get Industrial Circuits and Alpha Animals Fast

Far Cry 6: How To Get Industrial Circuits and Alpha Animals Fast.Industrial composite is a necessary resource in Far Cry 6 if you want to obtain advanced Supremo and improve specific weapons. However, it is quite scarce when exploring Yara. There are two main ways to obtain the resource, but both are time-consuming.

Fishery, Fishery, Fishery

The simplest way to obtain industrial composite is through fishing. You’ll need to catch the Biajaca, which is a difficult fish to catch due to its evasive nature. They’re even described as “extremely difficult to catch” in the game. There are Biajaca fishing spots all over Yara, but the easiest to get to is south of Castillo Senoral Tabacco Factory, a base you can take over.

We recommend adding the following attachments to your fishing rod to make it easier to catch those pesky fish:

  • Alluring Lure
  • Expert Reel
  • Expert Line

Once you’ve gathered the fish, take them to a nearby base and exchange them for your industrial composite. It works in the same way that obtaining industrial circuits does.

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Another option

If you despise fishing in games as much as this writer does, there is, thankfully, another way to obtain industrial composite. Talk to Lola at one of the game’s three main home bases, such as Montero Farm. You can find her in your UI by looking for the blue diamond emblem. You can buy Industrial Composite from her, but she has her own currency that you must earn.

To obtain Moneda, you must complete her special operations. We recommend enlisting the assistance of a friend, as doing so earns you extra currency. They’re difficult to complete because you have to steal a secret weapon known as the PG-240X.

These missions are difficult because you must keep the PG-240X cool while moving to a distant objective, and the UI isn’t as helpful as in the main game. When carrying the PG-240X, it’s easy to lose track of time or become overwhelmed by soldiers guarding the cooling points.

After completing the special operation, you can buy the industrial composite for 150 Moneda.

Far Cry 6: How To Get Industrial Circuits and Alpha Animals Fast

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